"no signing table match " for INbound mail ?

From: <locuse_at_mm.st>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 11:07:49 -0700


i've configured opendkim 2.5.2 for use on a zimbra server.

OUTbound, multi-domain message signing is working as expected.

but, on INBOUND messages, my logs show:

        Apr 10 11:01:04 zimbra opendkim[7582]: 9C4C860696: no signing
        table match for 'mytestaccount_at_fastmail.fm'
        Apr 10 11:01:04 zimbra opendkim[7582]: 9C4C860696: message has
        signatures from fastmail.fm, messagingengine.com

the message gets delivered, but i'm unclear why opendkim is checking
"signing table" for match on inbound.

is that expected behavior, or an indication of a problem?
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