Re: opendkim AUTH pass-es for received mail, but fails on forward ...

From: <>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:53:04 -0700


On Tue, Apr 10, 2012, at 11:43 PM, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> So whatever's replacing your Date: field is the problem.
> Pending Quanah checking into this from the Zimbra/amavis side, you can
> also tell opendkim not to sign Date: fields by using the OmitHeaders
> configuration file option.

I changed my own opendkim server's config,

- #OmitHeaders header1,header2
+ OmitHeaders date

then restarted opendkim. re-sent the external email, checked the
headers of the received, forwarded message, and *still*,

                (2048-bit key) header.b=IES7eK10;
        X-DKIM: OpenDKIM Filter v2.5.2 E3F32606AF
        dkim=fail <=================
                (verification failed)
        X-DKIM: OpenDKIM Filter v2.5.2 5E7CD606AF
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