Re: opendkim AUTH pass-es for received mail, but fails on forward ...

From: <>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 20:00:37 -0700

> So what role does your opendkim filter have in all of this? I'm confused now.

the role is that it's checking/authenticating inbound mail on my server.
 and opendkim is reporting a "fail".

i've no new info. all of the info i have has been posted. but let's try

i have one mail server, hostname == "".

it runs ZImbra as the mailserver app.

it hosts mail for two domains,

opendkim is installed on the mail server.

ZImbra is configured to use opendkim.

opendkim is configured to use separate/unique key for signing outbound
mail for each domain. it works fine.

inbound mail is checked/auth'd by opendkim.

i send an email from "" to "".
this received email, in this account, shows gmail's signing of the
message. opendkim checks & authenticates it, and gives it a "pass".

if that first mail is automatically redirected by a server-side sieve
filter, FROM the "" TO another account,
"", on the same
box/mail-server-instance/opendkim-instance, it gets processed,
apparently, again, by opendkim.

the headers of this 2nd account's received message, which is the one
forwarded from the 1st account by the server-side sieve rule, clearly
show a 2nd opendkim header, and, now, gets a "fail".

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