RE: Broken opendkim caching of LDAP result

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>> AD's inability to be a real LDAP server doesn't make my point any less
>> valid. LDAP is designed for fast, scalable reads.
> AD might be why that optional caching layer was added, actually. (I
> can't remember exactly, and this head cold isn't helping!)
> Via a separate compile time option, OpenDKIM can also cache retrieved
> keys to keep the load on DNS down, rather than going to the resolver each
> time something signed is presented for verification.

I can see that the likelyhood of data changing in DNS is probably fairly
low. ;) LDAP generally has a higher rate of change.

In any case, disabling the ldap caching works well. I would put a strong
warning around the LDAP cache option that enabling it requires restarting
opendkim any time you make changes to the LDAP data that could affect


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