Re: how to setup opendkim for signing all outgoing mails

From: SM <>
Date: Tue, 08 May 2012 08:33:11 -0700

Hi Matthias,
At 04:49 08-05-2012, Matthias Weiss wrote:
>I tried this and used the "Sender" header field (I don't have any other one
>awailable as opendkim aparently can't access the envelope "MAIL FROM" field.
>If I set "IdentityHeader Sender" then the "i=" tag is set correctly but it
>missmatches the domain tag "d=". In the "d=" tag opendkim sets the
>domain part
>from the "From" sender address.

This may be due to a bug in Opendkim.

>Further, this also relies on the "Sender" header entry to be available, which
>I want to avoid.


>Oh, I my understanding of the manual entry

I misread the entry from the manual. :-)

>Yes, I've tried setting "Domain *" but then the "d=" tag is set to the
>domain part from the "From" sender address. Which I don't want.

Please see my comment about a bug. Once the bug is fixed, you should
be able to use the feature.

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