Re: opendkim and sendmail starttls auth

From: SM <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2012 02:29:04 -0700

Hi Philippe,
At 00:44 07-06-2012, Philippe TEMESI wrote:
>My sendmail MTA is configured to relay authenticated users (sasldb, etc).
>I'm wondering what's the correct way to handle this with OpeDKIM.
>When a user sends an email OpenDKIM does not sign it as user is
>relaying from an external IP.
>I have no way to include the external IPs in my configuration.
>The users may connect from everywhere, from a WiFi hotspot, from home, etc.
>Does OpenDKIM make a difference between a basic relay and an
>authenticated relay?

Yes it does. OpenDKIM will detect that the message was an
authenticated submission.

>For the moment I've got something like 'external host []
>attempted to send as' in sendmail's logs (it's an example
>of course) whenever a user sends an email from outside.

That's because the IP address is not listed in the InternalHosts dataset.

Are you operating an open relay or do you have specific rules to
allow a user to relay through your mail server?

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