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From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 07:18:53 -0700 (PDT)

As a few of you already know, there is an emerging but still experimental
protocol called DMARC ( that can act as a policy and
reporting layer atop DKIM and SPF for improved phishing detection,
filtering and reporting.

The Trusted Domain Project ( has embarked
upon a new open source project called OpenDMARC which will provide an open
source implementation of DMARC. It is now available in beta form, as we
prepare to participate in an open interoperability event next week at
Facebook's headquarters.

OpenDMARC relies on software upstream in the handling chain to conduct
DKIM and SPF evaluations, and attach those results to the message so that
DMARC can do its work. Predictably, the preferred DKIM module is
OpenDKIM. To make DMARC's work possible, OpenDKIM may under go some rapid
patching over the next week or so as features are added or adjusted to
accommodate OpenDMARC's requirements. None of these patches should be
considered mandatory to regular OpenDKIM users, but you are of course
welcome to keep up, experiment, and check our work as we progress. And
none of these changes should interfere with your existing operations.

So, apologies in advance if there's a flurry of release announcements in
the near future. This should be relatively brief.

Sometime in early August, we will begin planning for OpenDKIM 2.7.0 which
will incorporate any changes we've found necessary after OpenDMARC's
interoperability event. An announcement will be made as that planning
process begins.

Stay tuned...

-MSK, for the Trusted Domain Project
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