Re: add Authentication-Results on own domain

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 06:28:10 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 25 Jul 2012, Jan Jurko - wrote:
> sender:
> me_at_mydomain.tld
> recipient:
> friend_at_mydomain.tld
> smtp in this case is localhost (because of webmail running on this server)
> in this case opendkim generates signature, but not Authentication-Results.
> If I will send mail to another domain to the another smtp server with
> dkim verification, the target server will add Authentication-Results.

Since a message from localhost isn't already signed, there's nothing to
verify. What would go in an Authentication-Results field in that case?

There's not currently a way to do this natively, although I imagine you
could do it using one of the Lua script hooks.

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