Re: SMTP server mode

From: Todd Lyons <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 05:54:35 -0700

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 1:08 AM, Patrick Ben Koetter <> wrote:
> The only downside we run into when we implement SMTP filters lawfully in
> Germany is we cannot run different policy actions on messages to multiple
> recipients - its either ACCEPT or REJECT, but not ACCEPT for recipient A and
> REJECT for recipient b. SMTP was not made to allow something like that. Claus
> Assmann came up with a SMTP command to allow that, but to my knowledge if
> hasn't become a standard. <- HINT for msk. ;)

Yes, PRDR does seem like the ideal solution for this. Claus has had
it coded into his mail server software for years now. I've been
working, albeit very slowly, on adding it to exim. Murray has told me
in the past that getting it moving towards an RFC status is helped
greatly if there are working implementations, so I'm trying to provide
him with a second implementation to demonstrate interoperability.
It's hampered by my lack of c fu, but I have people I can bug for help
when I get stuck. It's just very very slow progress, conflicting with
work and family for time to work on it.

The total budget at all receivers for solving senders' problems is $0.
 If you want them to accept your mail and manage it the way you want,
send it the way the spec says to. --John Levine
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