dkimf_db_open(): Unknown database type on one of the boxes

From: Abhijeet R <>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:08:43 +0530


I get this error when I try running opendkim on centos6.

[root_at_outbound opendkim]# service opendkim restart
Stopping OpenDKIM Milter: [FAILED]
Starting OpenDKIM Milter: opendkim: /etc/opendkim.conf:
dkimf_db_open(): Unknown database type
[root_at_outbound opendkim]#

On port 15432, there is HAproxy running so that requests are sent to
other db servers. I can connect to servers by commandline using psql on
15432 port.

Further details about the package.

Name : opendkim
Version : 2.6.7
Release : 1.el6
Architecture: x86_64
Size : 533085
Repository : epel

The same conf file works fine on one and fails with unknown database
error on the other. Any idea as to what is going wrong?

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