Re: [ opendkim-Bugs-3575666 ] Should kilproc be called with -p option? (fwd)

From: Andreas Schulze <>
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 21:55:23 +0200

Am Di, 9.10.2012, 21:12 schrieb Murray S. Kucherawy:
> Could one or more of our Debian experts please comment on this, and
> perhaps provide a patch to our contrib start/stop scripts if such is
> warranted?

The location and owner of the pidfile depends on chroot and userid settings.
I personaly try to avoid init scripts (not only for that reason) So I can't really contribute...

generic options:
 - pimp the code to handle the pidfile before chroot/setuid
   ( challenge: remove the pidfile )
 - take a debian skeleton initfile as a base
 - look at the init file of the debian package of opendkim ( is Mike Markley a listmember ? )

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