Re: Reputation database

From: Andreas Schulze <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 22:11:09 +0100

Am So, 28.10.2012, 12:03 schrieb Christian Rößner:
> And yet I do not understand how opendkim connects to the database. I don't understand the architecture. What do I have to put in the Reputation* lines? I can not find stuff in
> the man page, even I am sure I built with reputation support.

Hi Christian,

first you have to import the produced stats into mysql using opendkim-importstats.
Then you must use the second mysql schema file in the repute subdir.
Add a next cronjob to call opendkim-genrates that will fill the 2 new tables.
that will take some time (days) depending on your ammount of incomming mail.

last you need a webserver serving http://your_url/.well-known/repute-template pointing to repute.php

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