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From: Christian Rößner <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 00:50:38 +0100


> first you have to import the produced stats into mysql using opendkim-importstats.
> Then you must use the second mysql schema file in the repute subdir.
> Add a next cronjob to call opendkim-genrates that will fill the 2 new tables.
> that will take some time (days) depending on your ammount of incomming mail.
> last you need a webserver serving http://your_url/.well-known/repute-template pointing to repute.php

Thanks for your great answer (wie immer).

I have created two cron jobs. opendkim-importstats that read the sign-verify file created by opendkim and filling the database and opendkim-genrates that does something else :) When I call the latter one I get an error:

opendkim-genrates: started at Mon Oct 29 00:11:10 2012
opendkim-genrates: using standard score 1.15
opendkim-genrates: connected to database
opendkim-genrates: computing low-time threshold
opendkim-genrates: unable to determine low-time threshold

Currently I hope this just happens, as there are not many mails yet.

I also put both php files to DocumentRoot and edited the repute-config.php to match my environment. I also created the template file. I looked at yours and after that I understood that the README really wanted me to use that simple string ;)

There is just one last options I do not understand:

ReputationLimits repute:<repute-server>:<reporter-id>

What is the reporter-id? I guess the repute-server is the same as in ReputationRatios.

Many thanks in advance

-Christian Rößner

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