Re: Reputation database

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 22:38:47 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 29 Oct 2012, Christian R??ner wrote:
> I have created two cron jobs. opendkim-importstats that read the
> sign-verify file created by opendkim and filling the database and
> opendkim-genrates that does something else :) When I call the latter one
> I get an error:
> opendkim-genrates: started at Mon Oct 29 00:11:10 2012
> opendkim-genrates: using standard score 1.15
> opendkim-genrates: connected to database
> opendkim-genrates: computing low-time threshold
> opendkim-genrates: unable to determine low-time threshold
> Currently I hope this just happens, as there are not many mails yet.

You probably just don't have very much accumulated data yet. There's a
(large) SELECT in the opendkim-genrates script that you could run manually
to see if any rows are returned. Chances are there aren't any yet.

> There is just one last options I do not understand:
> ReputationLimits repute:<repute-server>:<reporter-id>
> What is the reporter-id? I guess the repute-server is the same as in
> ReputationRatios.

One of the properties of the reputation system is that it computes
recommended limits for each site participating in data collection and
reporting. For example, if I have two sites reporting data to me, one of
which reports hundreds of messages per day and one that reports millions,
the rate limits we compute will need to be different for each of them,
rather than one rate that applies to everyone. Providing your reporter-id
in the query tells the REPUTE server who you are and thus how to select
the limit you should be enforcing.

The reporter-id is the "id" column of your matching entry in the
"reporters" table. You would get it from the site running the REPUTE
service you're querying (presumably, that's you). If you leave it off, a
generic limit is returned which might not be optimal for your mail flow.

If you start sending a feed to us here, you can see what the collaborative
feed looks like rather than just a localized one.

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