RE: OpenDKIM Segmentation when using MySQL

From: Adam M. Jacques <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 18:36:09 -0700

I am mostly familiar with gdb, I'll see what kind of data I can get you. I
have attached a copy of my gdb debugging session showing the application
stepping through the code until the null reference in dkimf_db_walk(). My C
skills are a bit rusty, but hopefully this will contain a little bit more
information for you.
I have opened a ticket here:

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To: Adam M. Jacques
Subject: RE: OpenDKIM Segmentation when using MySQL

On Mon, 29 Oct 2012, Adam M. Jacques wrote:
> There aren't any rows in the table that have a null value. Everything
> was assigned. For some reason OpenDKIM found a null value even though
> the table didn't have one. That's why I was confused.
> I'll make sure to file a ticket after work today.

Then it's possible we've only masked a larger problem with this patch.

Are you familiar with how gdb works? Being able to observe the data at that
level would help to identify the remaining part of the problem.


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