Re: OpenDKIM v2.7.2 released

From: Benny Pedersen <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 13:00:02 +0100

Eray Aslan skrev den 24-11-2012 09:35:
> On 11/23/12 10:23 AM, Benny Pedersen wrote:
>> Eray Aslan skrev den 22-11-2012 15:08:
>> if an ebuild installs anything in /usr/local its brokken
> Opendkim package does not install anything under /usr/local in
> gentoo.
> We are just checking if there is anything installed there.

oh no :(

only (free|nono|pico|open|net)bsd use /usr/local for ports, thats why
its complicated to make configure right

>> drop strl in opendkim would make it more stable then workarounds
> A hard dependency on libstrl/libbsd and not using libstrl from
> opendkim
> is of course possible and would make this problem moot for gentoo.

yes it would be the way to go imho

> But that is the option I am trying to avoid as I like opendkim's
> libstrl
> implementation.

if its good make a patch to official libstrl and get more friends :=)

> I guess we will see if it is possible to avoid the hard
> dependency in an elegant way.

its only a matter of same licenses imho
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