Re: adsp fail

From: Alessandro Vesely <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 16:43:19 +0100

On Thu 13/Dec/2012 15:47:09 +0100 Benny Pedersen wrote:
> Alessandro Vesely skrev den 13-12-2012 15:15:
>> The '<' and '>'. If you have'em in the client, try removing them or
>> adding a display name, just to see if that changes anything.
> ahh i just like to make it clear now: is roundcube missing < > in To:
> header ?

The other way around: roundcube sets those characters, sendmail
(sometimes) removes them.

> and opendkim fixed this in the z: tag ?

Nope, the z= is just for debugging these sort of changes.

>> I think they are being removed by the list host _after_ signing the
>> message with
> if so i make a bug in roundcube if that is the key problem

Yes, it may be worth fixing that. In fact, the address as specified
in can be angle-addr
only when there is a non-empty display-name.

Aren't you able to change it from the message-compose page?

> maybe i could disable opendkim z tag to test ?

The z= is a bit noisy, but sometimes it does its job!

> what header(s) is adsp testing using ?

ADSP uses just From:. The point is that ADSP needs a valid DKIM
signature, otherwise it fails.
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