Re: Authentication-Results (was: OpenDKIM fails to sign IPv6 localhost originating email)

From: Benny Pedersen <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2013 20:56:48 +0100

SM skrev den 05-01-2013 16:52:

> The ASDP "failed" as the "From:" header field had "" instead
> of "".


> It is not a problem at your end. If you
> are trying to find an ADSP "pass" you should look for the
> Authentication-Results for the "" DKIM signature.

 From: is in the mail, to see it your mail is here:

 From: SM <> < this is not the list domain

so my opendkim is using Sender: header ?, if so i understand the reason
for adsp fails, also in the dmarc reports

> Set AddAllSignatureResults to Yes if you are not getting that.

will check it later, to tired now to change servers ....
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