Re: OpenDKIM fails to sign IPv6 localhost originating email

From: Benny Pedersen <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2013 09:58:54 +0100

Murray S. Kucherawy skrev den 2013-01-07 01:10:

> I think I see what's happening here. The sample message you sent me
> contains these tags in your DKIM signature:
> t=1357385773; x=1357389373;
> "t=" is the signing time, "x=" is the expiration time. The
> difference between them is 3600, or an hour. It's likely that, by
> the
> time your mail is returned to you via the list, your own signature
> has
> expired. The message is therefore from you, but has no valid
> signature from your domain, so ADSP fails.

ah okay thanks, will set it to postfix queue lifetime before it will
get returned, so if eg maillist server is down for more then 5 days dkim
will also be invalid

> Use a larger value for "SignatureTTL", or disable that feature.

next step for me is to change dns public key, so far i just miss to
make this stable aswell
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