Re: outgoing mail not sent since installing opendkim (I'm running centos 6.3 with Plesk)

From: SM <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 23:29:25 -0800

Hi Tracy,
At 22:53 16-01-2013, Tracy Wise wrote:
> Everything's installed, the OpenDKIM service is running, Postfix
> is running, but emails don't go out.
>I'm guessing that those instructions don't work for me because of
>the differences with my system: Plesk, and perhaps something
>related to sendmail (which I'll explain in a moment). Regarding
>Plesk, well I've read somewhere about Plesk changing Postfix
>settings or adding settings in and, so maybe
>that's the problem.

It could be that.

>And if it matters, let me mention here that there is an option in
>Plesk to enable DomainKeys signing of outgoing mail. It is
>unchecked by default and I have left it unchecked. I assume it
>should stay unchecked because, as I said at the beginning, that
>option in Plesk is regarding the older "DomainKeys", not DKIM.
>The cookbook instructions recommended using "tail -f
>/var/log/maillog" to see what is happening when mail is sent, when
>opendkim starts, stops, or postfix starts or stops. Well, it shows
>nothing, even when postfix or opendkim is restarted. And that file
>/var/log/maillog remains empty.
>Something else I discovered may also be of interest: rsyslog is
>getting flooded with these messages:
>Jan 16 21:51:53 webcamchurch rsyslogd-2177: imuxsock lost 9524
>messages from pid 3260 due to rate-limiting
>Jan 16 21:51:53 webcamchurch rsyslogd-2177: imuxsock begins to drop
>messages from pid 22771 due to rate-limiting
>Those two PID's (2177 and 22771) are opendkim processes.

You won't see the messages which may be useful for debugging if
messages are not being logged.

>Some other things you might want to know.
>In my php.ini, sendmail path is "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i" HOWEVER
>I noticed that on my system "/usr/sbin/sendmail" isn't actually
>sendmail. It's an alias pointing to "/etc/alternatives/mta", which
>in turn points to "/usr/sbin/sendmail.postfix". So I assume PHP is
>actually using sendmail.postfix. (And actually I could see Postfix
>in the headers of emails sent out when it was working before I
>installed OpenDKIM.) But if it matters, let me also point out the following:

You are using Postfix. Don't worry about the sendmail filename. PHP
will inject the message and Postfix should handle it if the mail
server is configured correctly.

>In the cookbook instructions, I had to do "yum install
>sendmail-devel openssl-devel" just to get some libraries needed by
>opendkim. Then after installing opendkim it instructed me to do
>"chkconfig --del sendmail" to "stop sendmail from starting on
>CentOS". However I DIDN'T do that step simply because on my system
>/usr/sbin/sendmail is actually an alias for
>/usr/sbin/sendmail.postfix. So I omitted that step. (Perhaps
>that's where I went wrong??? But I'm afraid that "chkconfig --del
>sendmail" will remove my sendmail alias to sendmail.postfix and I'm
>afraid to do that.)

It's better not to remove stuff at this point unless you think that
it is necessary to do so.

>Okay so I think my problem relates to one or both of the following:
>1. Something to do with interference from sendmail (but please be
>sure you understand what I explained about my /usr/sbin/sendmail
>actually being an alias for /usr/sbin/sendmail.postfix so maybe
>that's not the problem, *shrug*).

No, see above.

>Oh, this may also be helpful to know. Though messages aren't
>actually sent out from the server now (since installing opendkim), I
>can see each message in the maildrop at /var/spool/postfix/maildrop.
>So, is my problem something that can be easily fixed?

Remove the Postfix configuration changes you made and see whether you
can send mail.

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