"opendkim dead but subsys locked" yet there are opendkim processes

From: Tracy Wise <tracywise_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:53:43 +0000

Hi I had some issues which I outlined in my previous emails.
I had a log file growing near 30 GB and getting bigger and bigger with many messages per second saying that opendkim could not bind to localhost:8891 because it is already in use.
I had restarted it several times and each time it "FAILED" to stop, but yet successfully started. So I don't know if maybe there were multiple instances of opendkim running or what.
So I did "rm -r mailllog" and rebooted the server.
Then after rebooting the server, I did "service opendkim status" and it says:
"opendkim dead but subsys locked"
But there were two opendkim processes listed when I did "ps -e".
So then I did "pkill opendkim" and also "rm /var/lock/subsys", and then rebooted again.
Well same thing after rebooting. "service opendkim status" says "opendkim dead but subsys locked", and yet there are two opendkim processes listed in the output of "ps -e".
Anybody know why it's doing that?
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