RE: outgoing mail not sent since installing opendkim (I'm running centos 6.3 with Plesk)

From: SM <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:27:15 -0800

Hi Tracy,
At 03:09 17-01-2013, Tracy Wise wrote:
>When I restart the service opendkim I get a FAILED notice regarding
>it being stopped, but then an OK notice regarding it being
>started. I don't know if the failed notice matters, since it
>successfully starts. (I noticed that before also, but failed to
>mention it in my original email.) Here is the exact output when I
>do "service opendkim restart":
>Stopping OpenDKIM Milter: [FAILED]
>Starting OpenDKIM Milter: [ OK ]
>As for logging, yes Syslog and LogWhy are indeed set to yes in opendkim.conf.
>I had a heck of a time finding the correct location of the maillog
>but just now found it. Apparently Plesk moves a lot of things. The
>correct location is:
>And it's 7GB and growing every second. Now closer to 8GB as I'm
>typing this. Like it's about to explode.
>It's logging these two messages many times per second:
>Jan 17 05:46:07 webcamchurch opendkim[24690]: smfi_opensocket() failed
>Jan 17 05:46:07 webcamchurch opendkim[24692]: OpenDKIM Filter:
>Unable to bind to port inet:8891_at_localhost: Address already in use

I think that Murray already commented on this.

>Okay now I just did "service opendkim stop" to try to stop the
>logging (coz now it's almost 9 GB and growing) but as I mentioned
>earlier, the service won't stop so the logging continues.

The log should not grow that fast unless it is a busy system. There
are a few operations mentioned in other messages which can cause more problems.

The system startup would start only one instance of OpenDKIM. I
cannot tell from the information available how it got two instances
running. I suggest than you ensure than Postfix is running
correctly, without OpenDKIM, and that the the log works correctly
before proceeding further. Verify that you don't have OpenDKIM
running starts to get the system as it was previously.

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