Supporting system libbsd as a source of strlcat/strlcopy

From: Scott Kitterman <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 01:56:51 -0500

We discussed this before. I went ahead and made a patch that will compile and
pass all tests (as well as avoid the implicit declaration warnings) using
libbsd on Debian/Ubuntu. This is against 2.7.4, so the IFDEF would have to be
added any new places where strlcat/strlcopy are used in 2.8. I didn't check

I think there's little risk it will break existing users of libstrl. It would
be nice to see this applied for 2.8.0. I'd also appreciate feedback on using
it in a distro patch to 2.7.4 (assuming there's no 2.7.5)?


Scott K

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