Re: 2.8.0 and newly strict checking

From: Jaap Akkerhuis <>
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2013 22:24:37 +0100

    Regardless, if I attempt to reproduce this, I'd be guessing at your
    environment and might miss a key detail. If you're able to restore it to
    the failing state and then execute the filter in test mode with the
    attached patch, it should tell you (via syslog) what part of the test is
    failing and why. You may need to replace LOG_DEBUG with something like
    LOG_NOTICE if you're not logging at debug level already.
I have the same problem as Doug. Same permissions etc and also had top
go back to previous version to get stuff to work again. I'm extremely
bussy and didn't had time to do any debugging but will do so the moment I
find some time.

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