Re: DKIM hardfail (with eg. google or test sites)

From: Matthias Weiss <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 19:24:29 +0100

> Chances are this is what's happening:
> 1) you generate a message missing a Sender field (or both) and pass it to
> your MTA
> 2) the message is handed to opendkim for signing as-is
> 3) because you used AlwaysSignHeaders, opendkim includes them in the
> signature anyway, which causes a signature to be generated that will fail
> if someone else adds them
> 4) your MTA then adds the missing fields
> 5) the message arrives at Gmail (or wherever), and the verification fails
> because of the above
> So you could either do what you did and don't force those header field
> names into the signature even if the fields are missing, or change your
> message generator so that it includes them in what's passed to the MTA.
> If you want Sender and Message-ID to be signed if they're present, use
> "SignHeaders" instead of "AlwaysSignHeaders".

Murray, there has to be something else going on. The reason is this, I can
send a test mail via command line like this:

sendmail -f -i -t <<EOF
Subject: Test


That means the "Sender:" field will be part of the message in any case. Still
it's missing in the "z=..." header entry.

So if opendkim will use all header fields that it gets than this means postfix
is not giving opendkim all header fields.
I tried to verify this by switching on verbose logging for the "cleanup" and
"trivial-rewrite" processes of postfix, but I have to admit that I don't see
anything usefull in the logs.

If anyone has an idea why postfix is omitting header fields I'd be happy to
hear it. Otherwise I'll ask the postfix guys...

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