Re: Can't get opendkim to work on Ubuntu

From: Paul N. Pace <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 22:43:46 +0000

Thank you, Scott, I will try those solutions shortly.

I installed 'opendkim' from current repositories as I have not enabled backports. Will backports cause issues with any other packages? I'm not clear on how backports works and whether or not I would update or install packages from backports that I might prefer come from Precise.
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From: Scott Kitterman <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 18:30:23
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Subject: Re: Can't get opendkim to work on Ubuntu

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 03:00:11 PM Paul N. Pace wrote:
> I just set up my first mail server on Ubuntu 12.04 LEMP server with
> Postfix and Dovecot using a great guide[1], and it may have been the
> happiest day of my life to send an email to my Gmail account. The only
> problem was that the email ended up in the Gmail spam folder, so I
> went to work setting up SPF and DKIM. SPF is fine, but DKIM isn't
> working.
> I installed opendkim and followed the guide in the Ubuntu Community
> Help page[2]. However, I did not install opendkim-tools as it caused a
> conflict and it seems opendkim has all of the necessary packages.
> The problem is that the headers do not appear in sent emails. I have
> tried both the loopback port (SOCKET="inet:8891_at_localhost") and the
> unix domain socket (SOCKET="local:/var/run/opendkim/opendkim.sock")
> and neither option gets headers in the emails. I do get errors in
> /var/log/mail.log depending on which I've set up for:
> mail postfix/smtpd: warning: invalid transport name: SOCKET="inet in
> MIlter service: SOCKET="inet:8891_at_localhost"
> mail postfix/smtpd: warning: connect to Milter service
> local:/var/run/dkim-filter/dkim/filter.sock: No such file or directory
> I tried to troubleshoot my firewall, which I have set up using ufw and
> allowing the apps that I have installed. In /etc/ufw/before.rules it
> has the default settings for loopback:
> # allow all on loopback
> -A ufw-before-input -i lo -j ACCEPT
> -A ufw-before-output -o lo -j ACCEPT
> But I don't see these rules when I run iptables -L.
> Even though I am still learning these things, I feel my preference
> would be to have it set up for Unix domain sockets anyhow, but getting
> DKIM working through any method would be great.
> If someone can help me to get opendkim up and running, I will happily
> update the Ubuntu Community Help page for opendkim to help those like
> me who may be having similar issues.
> [1]
> t-mysql/ [2]

My working /etc/default/opendkim has:

SOCKET="inet:8891_at_localhost" # listen on loopback on port 12345

Which matches the recipe. If you choose to switch to a domain
socket, because postfix is in a chroot, the location for the comain socket will
be in /var/spool/postfix/var/run/opendkim from the perspective of opendkim.
From the perspective of postfix, that'll be /var/run/opendkim.

If your firewall is blocking localhost, it's broken and you should fix it. SSH
into the server and try "telnet localhost 25" to verify localhost isn't
blocked (it probably isn't) and the firewall is unrelated to your problem.

Also, make sure you're running the opendkim from precise-backports as there
are some significant known issues with the regular one.

Scott K
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