Re: Can't get opendkim to work on Ubuntu

From: Scott Kitterman <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 19:04:11 -0400

Packages only get pulled from backports if you explicitly request it, so it's safe to enable.

sudo apt-get -t precise-backports install opendkim

(That's from memory - it's close, but may not be exactly correct)

Scott K

"Paul N. Pace" <> wrote:

>Thank you, Scott, I will try those solutions shortly.
>I installed 'opendkim' from current repositories as I have not enabled
>backports. Will backports cause issues with any other packages? I'm not
>clear on how backports works and whether or not I would update or
>install packages from backports that I might prefer come from Precise.
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>From: Scott Kitterman <>
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>Subject: Re: Can't get opendkim to work on Ubuntu
>On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 03:00:11 PM Paul N. Pace wrote:
>> I just set up my first mail server on Ubuntu 12.04 LEMP server with
>> Postfix and Dovecot using a great guide[1], and it may have been the
>> happiest day of my life to send an email to my Gmail account. The
>> problem was that the email ended up in the Gmail spam folder, so I
>> went to work setting up SPF and DKIM. SPF is fine, but DKIM isn't
>> working.
>> I installed opendkim and followed the guide in the Ubuntu Community
>> Help page[2]. However, I did not install opendkim-tools as it caused
>> conflict and it seems opendkim has all of the necessary packages.
>> The problem is that the headers do not appear in sent emails. I have
>> tried both the loopback port (SOCKET="inet:8891_at_localhost") and the
>> unix domain socket (SOCKET="local:/var/run/opendkim/opendkim.sock")
>> and neither option gets headers in the emails. I do get errors in
>> /var/log/mail.log depending on which I've set up for:
>> mail postfix/smtpd: warning: invalid transport name: SOCKET="inet in
>> MIlter service: SOCKET="inet:8891_at_localhost"
>> mail postfix/smtpd: warning: connect to Milter service
>> local:/var/run/dkim-filter/dkim/filter.sock: No such file or
>> I tried to troubleshoot my firewall, which I have set up using ufw
>> allowing the apps that I have installed. In /etc/ufw/before.rules it
>> has the default settings for loopback:
>> # allow all on loopback
>> -A ufw-before-input -i lo -j ACCEPT
>> -A ufw-before-output -o lo -j ACCEPT
>> But I don't see these rules when I run iptables -L.
>> Even though I am still learning these things, I feel my preference
>> would be to have it set up for Unix domain sockets anyhow, but
>> DKIM working through any method would be great.
>> If someone can help me to get opendkim up and running, I will happily
>> update the Ubuntu Community Help page for opendkim to help those like
>> me who may be having similar issues.
>> [1]
>> t-mysql/ [2]
>My working /etc/default/opendkim has:
>SOCKET="inet:8891_at_localhost" # listen on loopback on port 12345
>Which matches the recipe. If you choose to switch to a
>socket, because postfix is in a chroot, the location for the comain
>socket will
>be in /var/spool/postfix/var/run/opendkim from the perspective of
>From the perspective of postfix, that'll be /var/run/opendkim.
>If your firewall is blocking localhost, it's broken and you should fix
>it. SSH
>into the server and try "telnet localhost 25" to verify localhost isn't
>blocked (it probably isn't) and the firewall is unrelated to your
>Also, make sure you're running the opendkim from precise-backports as
>are some significant known issues with the regular one.
>Scott K
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