Re: opendkim on Ubuntu with postfix,dovecot,ClamAv

From: John Williams <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2013 11:37:32 +0200

Thanks for the replies! My key is 1024, I read somewhere that it should
be over 512 for google to validate it.
I have both DKIM and SPF set up. SPF is correct (on all tests I could find).

dmarcian is a nice one. DKIM tested fine on all domains and I have sent
a test message to that also tested fine.

Strangely, tested 'GOOD' on 1 domain for a while,
until I changed something then changed it back and now reporting: 'no
result present' again. Maybe it needs some time?
I have been using the same key for more than one domain, that is
possible isn't it?

_generated like this:_
opendkim-genkey -s default -d




_DNS TXT records are like this:_ TXT v=spf1 a -all TXT dkim=unknown TXT

Besides wanting to have DKIM set up correctly I still wonder why gmail
sends me to the SPAM folder (that's why I started looking in to DKIM in
the first place). It's inconvenient because some companies that I send
mail to are using google cloud services for their email and they do not
receive the 'spam' at all.... But that's a different forum I guess!

Thanks again!
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