Re: Signing problems with OpenDKIM on Ubuntu

From: Scott Kitterman <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 02:40:38 -0400

On Friday, April 19, 2013 11:11:58 PM Jim Fenton wrote:
> I recently switched from Fedora to Ubuntu (12.10) and upgraded from a
> fairly old version of OpenDKIM to the version provided by
> quantal-backports (2.6.8). It's verifying signatures just fine, but not
> signing. Using OpenDKIM with sendmail (8.14.4-2.1ubuntu1). I'm not
> getting any clues from the syslog. Here's what I have tried:
> 1. Explicitly made sure my mode was "sv"
> 2. double-checked location and permissions on key file (although if this
> was amiss, I would expect something in syslog)
> 3. Turned on "LogWhy" (and still no clues on signing)
> 4. Set InternalHosts to to make sure that it wasn't because I
> was sending from the wrong IP address
> 5. Changed Domain to Then I do get messages in
> syslog, e.g.:
> Apr 19 22:30:30 kernel opendkim[14486]: r3K5UTNM014503: no signing
> domain match for ''
> So it must be intending to sign, but not going through with it.
> Any ideas?

Maybe if you would send your /etc/opendkim.conf to the list, it might
stimulate some. I've tested the Ubuntu packages extensively with Postfix, but
not with Sendmail. Perhaps someone else will have a Sendmail specific

Scott K
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