Re: Signing problems with OpenDKIM on Ubuntu

From: SM <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 21:41:35 -0700

Hi Jim,
At 15:23 20-04-2013, Jim Fenton wrote:
>This is very helpful; I didn't see that option. One thing that isn't
>clear is what happens if both MTA and InternalHosts is specified; is it
>an "or" or an "and" relationship? But it looks like it does the right
>thing already, since the OPERATION section of opendkim(8) says that it
>signs if the submission of the message was authenticated.

It's an "or" as both are some of the knobs that can be used to turn on signing.

>Based on the documentation, I was expecting LogWhy to make logging much
>chattier. But I'm not getting any syslog information at all from
>opendkim when I send one of these message that I think it should be
>signing but isn't.

LogWhy should log the signing decision. If there is no domain/mta
match when there is a MTA match you will see "no MTA name match" in the log.


I know that you are debugging. Still, it's better to remove this.

>MTA MSP-v6,MSP-v4

Can you send me the "DaemonPortOptions" from the

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