Re: Signing problems with OpenDKIM on Ubuntu

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 23:00:20 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 22 Apr 2013, Jim Fenton wrote:
>> This is the LogWhy stuff we're looking for. Was it not added for your
>> other message? When LogWhy is enabled it should be there for all
>> messages regardless of mode, because it's explaining the logic it's
>> using to make the sign vs. verify decision before it makes its
>> conclusion.
> That's right; it's not being added. Just for fun, I tried changing my
> mail client back to port localhost:25 and here's what happened:

Since you have the "MTA" setting matching, the absence of signatures could
only be caused by an error (which should be logged), a non-match with the
domains-to-sign list (which would also be logged), or the fact that
signing mode is disabled.

Basically, you should be seeing a lot of LogWhy data, or a signature. I
can't say why you're not seeing one or the other. I'd have to see it
happen inside gdb to figure out what's going on beyond here.

You could try this to see if it reproduces your problem:

1) copy your config file someplace

2) change the macro name you search for in the config file to be
"DEBUG-mta_name" (to be compatible with the test harness)

3) put a sample message that should be signed into a file, in RFC5322
format (i.e., no leading "From " line)

4) run "opendkim -x <configfile> -v -v -v -t <messagefile>"

This should result in output representing a bunch of calls to mlfi_*()
functions and their results. If a header field is added (whether it's
DKIM-Signature or Authentication-Results), you'll see it happen. You'll
also see the final milter result code, which is an SMFIS_* constant.

If you still don't get the expected result, then your config file and that
message file together are what I need to try to reproduce the problem. (I
suggest using tar+gzip to prevent any space weirdness from creeping in.)
If you do get the epxected result, then the filter is telling the MTA what
it's supposed to, and it's not happening for some reason.

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