Re: Debug for "can't determine message sender"

From: Andrey Salnikov <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 12:54:22 +0400

2013/5/28 SM <>

> DKIM signing a message and whether the MTA can sent the message are
> separate matters. It's better to fix the message at the injection point
> instead of having OpenDKIM violating the specification.

Seems I found problem. I'm using header_checks option in postfix
/^Received:/ IGNORE
Some clients (outlook for example) sending unusual headers string. After
removing this regexp, all messages signed well.
I've found it by using verbose mode for 'cleanup' in postfix -
cleanup -vv. When I started this topic I tried to find any
debug possibilities for my situation. but you guys telling me well-known
crap about from header, instead helping me.

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