d2i_PrivateKey_bio() failed

From: Max Galvin <atlazz_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 13:38:07 +0200

I've been trying to sort this out for a week now and even with several VM
rebuilds have got nowhere. This tutorial got my interest (
http://sealedabstract.com/code/nsa-proof-your-e-mail-in-2-hours/) as an
interesting stack for a small virtual machine I run with mail, blogs, IRC
bouncers etc for myself and friends.

I've got postfix and dovecot working with the encrypted FS but when I run
dkim I get the above error in my mail log.

The tutorial uses a subdomain but I want to run this for email for the
whole domain which is where I'm getting confused and I'm 99% sure this is
where the problem is (although given some of the other problems with the
tutorial, it could be just plain wrong).


*_at_domain.com mail.domain.com

Any help would be appreciated.

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