Dropping libdkimrep support, was 2.9.0 under development

From: Alessandro Vesely <vesely_at_tana.it>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2013 15:37:31 +0200

On Mon 30/Sep/2013 09:06:22 +0200 Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> Among the major tidy-up items coming in 2.9.0, you can probably expect
> these:
> - drop libdkimrep support

Is that the dkim_rep_* family of functions? I imagine I can drop
support for it as well, or roll my own code to perform a similar

All I get from it is just stuff like the bottom line below:

   Authentication-Results: wmail.tana.it;
     spf=pass smtp.mailfrom=email.change.org;
     dkim=pass header.i=_at_change.org;
     x-dkim-rep=neutral (1000 from al.dkim-reputation.org) header.d=change.org

(Users can configure do_reputation, reputation_fail, reputation_pass,
and reputation_root.) I don't think it's a top selling feature, but
what's the reason to remove it from the library?

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