OpenDKIM 2.9.0 Beta period starting

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 01:44:36 -0700 (PDT)

I've posted Beta0 of version 2.9.0 of the OpenDKIM package in the
Pre-Releases directory on SourceForge. The current RELEASE_NOTES entry

2.9.0 2013/10/31
         NOTE: During the development cycle for this release, SourceForge
                 changed their bug numbering system. Bug numbers are recorded
                 here as they were generated by the current system at the time
                 they were filed. The older ones (prefixed "SF") have since
                 been renumbered or may no longer be in the system.
         Feature request #169: Discontinue libxml2 support in the reputation
         Feature request #174: Drop internal libstrl implementation.
         Feature request #175: Discontinue support for libdkimrep.
         Feature request #176: Update to the final REPUTE RFCs.
         Fix bug #178: Add support for "dmarc" as an authentication method
                 (though it hasn't been formally registered yet) and fix
                 a minor Authentication-Results parsing problem. Problem
                 noted by Martin Kauchler.
         Fix bug #179: Correct handling of SignatureTTL. Problem noted by
                 Kyle Cummings.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #168: Report an unresolved CNAME for ADSP records
                 as simply absent. Suggested by Eugene Crosser.
                 "r=y" tag be added to signatures, per RFC6651.
         DOCS: Feature request #168: Improve documentation of signature
                 verification failure debugging features.
         DOCS: Feature request #172: Describe socket selection procedure in
                 detail, and mention selinux command to get set up. Suggested
                 by Kevin San Diego.

Announcements of additional Beta releases will be done on the opendkim-dev
list and not this one, so if you're interested in other pre-release
versions, you should subscribe over there.

Please don't open tracker items on SourceForge for problems specific to
this release. Bugs and other issues about the Beta should be reported on
the -dev list.


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