Re: Public key not available

From: Hugh H. Sands <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:43:39 +0100
Hi sm:

According to dig and nslookup is the primary nameserver. I asked 1&1 support staff but it's not possible to add TXT records to their nameservers. So, I went to the domain registrar web and updated the DNS servers:

I tested with GMail and now is working well:
dkim=pass and are still failing to access the public key but I guess is a DNS propagation issue as I'm in Europe, surely GMail has servers here and that's why updates spreads very fast

Thanks a lot for your help!


On 12/16/13 11:44 PM, SM wrote:
Hi Hugh,
At 14:38 16-12-2013, Hugh H. Sands wrote:
Thanks for the info. Do you think asking the domain registrar to add as an authoritative nameserver is a solution?

I would suggest:

  (i)  Identifying which nameserver is primary

  (ii) Adding the DKIM (TXT) record on the nameserver

You can make the primary nameserver by updating the records at the domain registrar end.  There is likely some web interface to do that.

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