dkim signature failing due to "display name" changes by sendmail

From: Charles Bartels <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 22:59:19 +0000


I'm having an issue with my dkim sigs failing due to the header being changed by sendmail.

Specifically, the To: or From: lines. Exchange sends mail to my MTA (running sendmail) and if the address looks something like this:

        From: Bob's desk <>

My opendkim milter signs the message, and then sendmail converts it to this, and breaks the signature.

        From: "Bob's desk" <>

Any suggestions on how best to handle this?

I've thought of a few possible fixes although I'm not actually sure how I would implement them. 1) Have the milter run after the quotes are added to the header by sendmail. 2) Fix Exchange to have it put in quotes before sending the messages to my MTA. 3) Tweak the DKIM milter to allow the addition of the quotes w/o breaking the signature.

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