Re: DomainKeys vs DKIM

From: Lucius Rizzo <>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 07:04:54 +0000

Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Feb 2014, Lucius Rizzo wrote:
> >So I have DKIM and Opendkim working on my host and have the dns setup
> >properly too. However, when I send an email to por25 to check, I seem to
> >get a neutral on DomainKeys and pass on DKIM/SPF
> >
> >I am confused as to what I may be missing. Any guidance would we be
> >helpful :)
> DomainKeys is the obsolete precursor to DKIM. You can ignore this part of
> the report.

See this is ^exactly^ why I wish there would be a bit more clarity in
terms of use/implementation of DomainKeys vs DKIM...

In my case, OpenDKIM is working nicely. However, yahoo was being stupid
and denying all mail so I figured looking into setting up DomainKeys

I spent the last 3 hours with domainkeys-milter (dk-filter) with
sendmail. Each time, even though the mail was being signed, I kept
getting bad signature in DomainKeys. After hours of pulling my hair and
wondering what could be the issue, I got your email and just gave up on
DomainKeys implementation altogether. :P

I'll stick to DKIM, SPF and let the incoming MailBorder server deal with
the rest.

Thanks :)

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