Re: Should I use DKIM to sign messages?

From: SM <>
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2014 09:09:12 -0800

Hi Michael,
At 08:40 08-02-2014, Michael McCallister wrote:
>I tried doing so as a result of this advice, but opendkim wants to
>sign using the domain in the From header. Therefore, I have to
>somehow force it to sign all emails using a specified key (not using
>From). Two questions then: 1) how does one do this with opendkim
>(i.e. force a specific key regardless of From) and 2) and are you
>sure recipient MTAs will be ok with this handling (i.e. not signing
>with domain in From header - or do they just check the dkim headers
>for fetching the domain)?

You can use a wildcard to match any user_at_domain in the From
header. In this case you can have the following in the SigningTable:


It is difficult to determine whether the recipient side will use your
DKIM-Signature. However, adding such a DKIM-Signature should not
cause any problem.

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