Re: OpenDKIM: no MTA name match (,

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 02:55:58 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 13 Feb 2014, Pau Peris wrote:
> thanks a lot for you explanation. As i understand, the list of FQDNs you're
> talking about are the ones provided by such directive value, right?
> InternalHosts           /etc/dkim/trusted-hosts
> As you can see i'm sharing the same file for ExternalIgnoreList directive.
> ExternalIgnoreList      /etc/dkim/trusted-hosts

It's neither of these. I was talking about the "MTA" setting, which in
your configuration file contains only the name "MSA", which doesn't match
the daemon name your MTA is using. There's thus no match, hence the log
file entry.

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