issue with dkim

From: Srivatsa Hadya <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 07:19:58 -0700


I have deployed with dkim with oracle messaging mTA and seeing following errors as system handles lots of emails.

dabinett:/gcs/app/mail/msg70/log$ more process-dkim-sign_master.log-0N3V00M3K99C4J00
05:27:13.02: pmt_getconnected(): unable to connect to TCP port 8891 of; connect(
) call failed; errno=146; Connection refused

05:27:13.17: pmt_getconnected(): unable to connect to localhost on port 8891

We are using the SPAMFILTER3_LIBRARY=/opt/sun/comms/messaging64/lib/

Any thoughts on how to resolve this.

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