Re: Allowing mail from multiple domains

From: Phil Stracchino <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2014 14:48:54 -0400

On 04/22/14 13:01, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> opendkim relies on resolver libraries to go get the data, and one of them
> is telling opendkim that the key isn't there. There's likely nothing in
> opendkim to debug.

OK, nothing internal to opendkim then. Just straight DNS.

> Assuming the details in your opendkim.conf are
> current, I can't resolve it even from the command line here:
> % host -t txt
> Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

OPK, I'll have to doublecheck the TXT record definition *again* and make
sure I didn't miss anything.

>> ExternalIgnoreList
> But the host that connected is As specified, only a
> direct string match will be considered a hit.

Doh! *facepalm* I didn't realize that it was matched that way.
Edited, and thanks.

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