SSL error:04091068:rsa routines:INT_RSA_VERIFY:bad signature

From: .::AMP::. <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 22:01:37 +0300

I am getting bizzare messages in my maillog regarding Gmail incoming emails:
opendkim[77069]: D94BD11B4D: s=20120113 SSL
error:04091068:rsa routines:INT_RSA_VERIFY:bad signature
opendkim[77069]: D94BD11B4D: bad signature data

in this same time I got no problems with other providers:
opendkim[77069]: E32FE11B57: s=20140625 SSL
opendkim[77069]: 5FAA211BC2: s=mail2010 SSL

Here are some header from the failed gmail message:
dkim=fail reason="signature verification failed" (2048-bit key;
unprotected) header.b=CutzcWz6;
dkim-adsp=none (unprotected policy)

For the test I send an email from Gmail to AOL account and here are the
DKIM : pass
X-AOL-SCOLL-DMARC: ; domain : ; policy
: none ; result : P
     spf=pass ( the domain reports as a
permitted sender.);
     dkim=pass ( email passed verification from the domain;
     dmarc=pass ( the domain reports that Both SPF and
DKIM strictly align.);

I am looking for a way to solve this, what is the core problem and how
do I overcome this?
When I saw Gmail passed the AOL verification I started wondering is this
something on my end I need to take care about.


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