From: Lisa Lawton <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 13:05:05 -0000



I have 2 x vpw with 123 with approx 60 domains on - am fairly new to the
server side of things but holding my own and teaching myself as I go along
(cash flow). I have plesk 12, centos 6, linux and postfix. I have
installed opendkim and gone through the set up on steve Jenkins very helpful
blog. However, I cannot get the service opendkim start to start! I get an
error in the opendkim.conf file at the UMask 002 line.


I have gone back over all of the steps and even removed the files
opendkim.conf / TrustedHosts, KeyTable etc and re added from fresh and I
simply cannot get it to work. At a complete loss - please help


Thanks in advance


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