Re: Crashes with Grsecurity kernel

From: Christian Rößner <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 11:17:11 +0100


> Am 10.01.2015 um 19:53 schrieb Benny Pedersen <>:
> Christian Rößner skrev den 2015-01-10 11:14:
>> As a temporary workaround I am running a standard 3.17.7 kernel
>> without grsecurity.
> try running gradm in learning mode, dont know if its just policy defines that couse it, i have self a testing box with grsecuity, just not jet tryed it fully here, if you would like more help please share .config in private

I haven't defined a RBAC policy at the moment, so it is just kernel hardening and PaX.

I send .config, but it is configured for a KVM guest, as I use my mail servers in virtual machines.

> possible also test selinux can create same bug or not
> i noted you do not use opendkim with default gentoo use flags, for testing more tight reduce use flags to rule more dependice out of the error

Yes I have created a USE flag for reputation stuff. I am unsure, if that would cause these problems.

Is there a chance to connect gdb to a running opendkim process? How could I tell grsecurity not to make a 15 minute penalty after the segmentation fault. I really want to give debugging information; backtraces. It’s a very long time ago that I worked with gdb (in fact I always used ddd).

> thanks for trying, opendkim is imho not very stable on gentoo yet :(
> am still seeing "control alt delete" reboot sometimes makes opendkim failing stoping, while /etc/init.d/opendkim stop works better, but also sometimes fails stop
> possible make a gentoo bug if it really is

I have opened one bug report, because start-stop-daemon seems not to stop just a single instance of opendkim. But this is another bug ;-)

I really hope that this problem can be fixed.

Thanks very much for your help


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