Re: [opendkim:bugs] #222 Enhance config file element handling for unrecognized tags/parameters

From: Benny Pedersen <>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:36:22 +0200

A. Schulze skrev den 2015-03-29 21:34:
> Murray S. Kucherawy:
>> Someone not checking logs and relying on ADSP to be there might find
>> out much later that a feature she was anticipating had actually been
>> removed.
> is it called "minimum surprise" ?

spamassassin still supports adsp

> the removed feature broke an existing configuration. that's bad.
> for the user and the reputation of the software in question.

why was it even removed ?, why not just change default to disabled, thus
who still want it could enabled it ?

its idioti imho

> To avoid such things any piece of software could simply print a
> warning,
> accept and ignore historical parameter.

now running postfix 3.x here, no breakage at all

let me see a dmarc pass from this maillist, with no ownerships breakage
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