"Intermediate" OpenDKIM default configuration options feedback

From: Steve Jenkins <steve_at_stevejenkins.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 15:54:31 -0700

As 2.10.2 gets closer, I'm taking this opportunity to look at the default
config file that my RedHat package writes out when it installs opendkim.

I've stored a copy of the default config file here:


This is intended to be an "intermediate" config file -- more advanced that
the "simple" one in the docs dir, but not exhaustive like the "sample" one
in the docs dir. This file should make available the most likely options
for most intermediate users.

I'd appreciate any feedback regarding options that you think should be
there (even if they're commented out) or shouldn't be there.

One requirement for the default config file is that it should allow
opendkim to start without being touched (which is why the default Mode is
"v," as it allows the signing options to be ignored).

Thanks in advance!

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