Re: Sign all outgoing mail with DKIM

From: Eugene Vivdich <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 18:33:51 +0300

Hi Andreas,
I even read in man that key could not be specified.
But still have no luck to configure this.
Maybe I wrote wrong issue, but to tell in a few words:
* I have mail server for outgoing mail with postfix installed
* I'm using dovecot-auth to authenticate users with their sasl_username from
* I do not have domains table in DB and I'm not care about this, so user can
set ANY From: address.
* I want to sign ALL outgoing mail for all domains (I even doesn't know
them) with my key like the guy in my first example from the url:
so "d=" value should be always "" and "s=" value should be "mail"
like the values in this example.

So the issue is next:
I have this file
KeyList with this line: "*" and it works
for old opendkim version
Now I have to use two separate files
KeyTable and SigningTable. What should I put in that files.


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Eugene Vivdich:

> /etc/mail/key.table
> key1

man opendkim.conf

   The data set named here maps each key name to three values:
   (a) the name of the domain to use in the signature's "d=" value;
   (b) the name of the selector to use in the signature's "s=" value;
   (c) either a private key or a path to a file containing a private key.

To get all messages signed set MTA in opendkim.conf.

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