Maybe a newbie question.. unable to connect to milter

From: John Clark Naldoza <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 20:54:21 +0800


I'm currently trying to run postfix v2.6.6 with OpenDKIM Filter
v2.10.3 on Centos 6.x 64-bit

I've have tried both local and inet options as well as putting the
sock file from /var/run/opendkim to

I currently see

postfix/cleanup[9264]: warning: connect to Milter service
unix:/var/spool/postfix/var/run/opendkim/opendkim.sock: No such file
or directory

before that I had..

fatal: host/service localhost/8891 not found: No such file or directory

I can see the service running, or if I set the socket as a file I can
see it running and I have added postfix to the group.. I've also
disabled selinux... But I keep getting this error over and over

I have already setup my domain keys, I'm just not sure what else to
provide to debug this issue further? Can someone provide me with some
helpful pointers?

Best regards,

John Clark
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