Re: Only signing when listed in TrustedHosts AND authenticated

From: Aaron Paetznick <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 14:22:31 -0500

Thanks for this! I can look into defining a new macro and exposing it
through the MILTER interface (which seems to be fairly complicated), or
can I just use MacroList to have OpenDKIM check for both {auth_authen}
and {cipher}? The problem is that I need to have OpenDKIM check for
TrustedHosts AND {auth_authen} AND {cipher}, not TrustedHosts OR
{auth_authen} OR {cipher}. The latter seems to be the case right now.

As for the syntax, I'm currently having some luck with this:

MacroList auth_authen, cipher

If I define MacroList as above, am I saying BOTH auth_authen AND cipher
must exist, or EITHER auth_authen OR cipher must exist?

Also, is there a macro for whether TrustedHosts was matched?


On 7/15/2015 2:31 PM, Claus Assmann wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 14, 2015, Aaron Paetznick wrote:
>> I would like to be able to configure OpenDKIM to only sign email that is
>> listed in the TrustedHosts AND authenticated AND encrypted, or at least just
> Take a look at the option MacroList: write a local sendmail rule
> that sets a specific macro under the conditions you listed/want and
> tell opendkim to check it.
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